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The purpose of the Zoning Ordinance is to effectuate and implement the land use policies established by the Hilltown Township Comprehensive Plan, and by doing so, promote the health, safety, morals, convenience, order and welfare of the present and future inhabitants, and protect and conserve the natural environment of the Township of Hilltown.

A Zoning Permit is required to establish any new use or change and/or expand an existing use. A Zoning Permit Application is required for the construction of, addition to, or conversion of any building or structure.

The list below is a general guide of the Zoning Permit needed for various types of projects; the list is not all-inclusive, and is intended to be used only as a starting point.

  • New Home, New Deck, New Store, New Office Building
  • Accessory Use - Barns, Sheds (<1000 sq.ft.), Detached Garage, Pool House, Gazebo, Fence, Retaining Walls
  • Additions to existing buildings, porches, patio, paver patio
  • Alterations to existing buildings (Change in Use)
  • Any substancial expansion of impervious surface 
  • Driveway/Sports Court
  • Home Occupation
  • Re-Occupy a Commercial Space
  • Solar Panels
  • Signs - New or Replacement
  • Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs


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